Chicagoland Family Pet Expo Draws Huge Crowds

This past weekend, hundreds of people traveled to Arlington Park for the annual Chicagoland Family Pet Expo.  The three-day event featured many rescues, pet product vendors, and dedicated non-profit organizations.

TPMP hosted an educational booth where we were able to hand out hundreds of brochures to the public, some of whom did not even know what a puppy mill was.  Educating uninformed people always makes tabling events worth it and this one was no exception.  TPMP was happy to hear so much support and enthusiasm towards our cause. 

We were honored to hear inspiring stories, meet many great people, and network with countless rescues.  One of the days, we even had a rescued puppy mill dog at our booth to give the education a sentimental touch.

TPMP is happy to say that the expo was a complete success.  Thank you to all who stopped by our booth and supported us.  We hope to see you next year!

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3 thoughts on “Chicagoland Family Pet Expo Draws Huge Crowds

  1. We in Canada are so inspired by your work and your amazing table… We hope to be able to do the same at an upcoming expo… If you don’t mind, we’d like to take some of your ideas…..

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