Mothers in the Mills Benefit a Huge Success!

We are happy to say that our second annual “Mothers in the Mills” benefit was a huge success.  Over 250 people showed up to support TPMP and had a great time doing it.  A great location, great dinner, and great presentation added even more to the benefit.

After a half hour of socialization, #19, a slide show presentation created by two of our members was shown.  #19 followed the story of a dog named Ruby, who was rescued from a puppy mill.  Read from Ruby’s view, it brought our guests right into the story emotionally and empowered them to take action.

After the presentation our first ever “Kindness to Animals” awards were given out to four deserving people.  Greg Gordon, owner of the Dog Patch pet store in Naperville, received our first ever award for converting his store to a humane business-model.  Following his award were three Chicago officers who busted a puppy mill truck to a local Chicago pet store. Truly a great way to honor those who do good in the community!

After the slide show, dinner was served.  Veggie patties, fish wraps, veggie hot dogs, mac n’ cheese, and fries were brought out.  A delicious meal, the deserts only added to the tasty food at the benefit.

Throughout the entire event, a silent raffle was going on.  We had many amazing items donated by our supporters.  We thank them very much for their donations.  Along with this, raffle tickets were also purchased for a prize of Starwood Hotel points.  One lucky winner took home the prize.

A great band was there, proving entertaining music for all to dance to.  Altogether, it was an amazing night of bringing recognition to those forgotten mothers in the mills.  We hope to see you next year!

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